On July 1, 2013, Medicare changed how it reimburses for tube feeding services. Find out how this may affect you and what you need to know about the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.

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Tube Feeding

Tube Feeding

The Nourish Program offers tube feeding (enteral nutrition) support to patients across the United States and in your own community. We are the leading provider of home enteral nutrition and have cared for home tube feeding patients for over 30 years.

Our specialized staff review your needs to ensure that you have the education, the clinical resources and the products and services needed to enhance your quality of life. Our mission is to:

  • Nourish the body and mind through the appropriate provision
    of nutrition therapy
  • Nourish consumer driven, compassionate healthcare
  • Nourish consumer education and independence
  • Nourish industry advances in enteral and parenteral nutrition

At the start of care, our specialized tube feeding team provides you with a comprehensive nutrition screening, identifying any potential nutritional risks which require further attention, and establishing a baseline for monitoring your response to therapy. Our registered dietitians also complete a detailed nutrition assessment and share their recommendations with your physician.

As therapy progresses, patients are monitored routinely by our specialized enteral team to assess compliance, response to therapy, and to identify forms of feeding intolerance (to help avoid potential dehydration or weight loss).

We are dedicated to providing high-quality clinical care and service for all of our tube feeding patients. Specific program components include hospital discharge coordination, primary and ongoing consumer and family education, a specialized tube feeding support team, monitoring of nutrition needs by a registered dietitian, disease-specific therapy management, 24/7 availability, and personal travel support through our Travel Support program.

Coram is also proud to support the Oley Foundation as a Silver Circle Partner, to help strengthen their educational and outreach efforts to home parenteral and enteral nutrition consumers. 

To learn more about our tube feeding program, contact us today.

To request your monthly enteral formula and/or supply refill electronically, please complete this form when you have 7 days of supplies remaining.